Deborah Overstreet

Deborah Overstreet

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First Name * Deborah
Last Name * Overstreet
Username * Samanthie
Country * USA
City California
Languages English




2d art: I enjoy sketching animals, people, clothing, fantasy elves, unicorns and other such creatures. I begin much of my artwork with pencil, sketching and shading the drawings until I feel they are complete. Then the drawings are scanned into the computer. From there I develop them further in my art programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Painter.

3d art: I also enjoy creating and rendering 3d artworks using Hexagon and Carrara. I create and render decorative bottles, ornate lamp fixtures, jars, vases and candle holders just to name a few.

My other interests include photography, birdwatching, reading and cooking.